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Cibar currently has 22 US domiciled clients using our GTSnet and ICCnet products, including four of the top ten US Banks by asset size.

Cibar has always had an outstanding relationship with all of our Trade Finance clients dating back to the late 1970's.  We strive daily to keep our relationships on the right track by providing unparalleled support services and always taking care of our commitments to them.

Cibar's clients range in size from 2 users to 145 users.  All of these clients have access to the same features and functionality and receive the same level of support regardless of their size.

Cibar offers its clients 24 hour support with all of its employees located in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

All enhancements made for any of our clients are parameterized and  retrofitted back into our base system so that all of our customers can benefit from them when they take the next major release.

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