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Internet Customer Connection

ICCnet is Cibar's Internet based, electronic customer bridge product, which is installed at numerous banks and thousands of corporate customers.  ICCnet provides all of the business functionality required to support the Trade Finance business including Import and Standby Letters of Credit, Steamship/Airway releases, Direct Collections, Incoming Collections and Export reporting.


ICCnet’s transactions are secure and private.  Industry-standard Secure Sockets Layer technology encrypts each packet of data sent over the Internet.  You control who has access to the system and what entitlements they have.  ICCnet supports dual authentication via passwords and challenge questions.  Security and audit logs record the actions of each user.  ICCnet also supports inactive session timeouts.


Cibar’s Internet Customer Connection system was developed with the following goals:


                 ·Ease of use for the corporate customer, whether they use the system every day or                          only occasionally.

                 ·Flexibility, which allows the corporate customer to maintain his or her own data

                  (e.g., suppliers, passwords, standard phrases, transaction templates, etc.).     

                 ·Provides for multiple levels of approval and company segregation.


The Web based Internet Customer Connection system allows the bank to easily provide information to exporters as well as to importers.  The exporter simply connects to the Internet, logs on to ICCnet, and browses the data via a sophisticated array of Web pages and reports.  Exporters can also use the system to track the progress of their document presentation and payment status.


ICCnet provides for the following corporate customer transactions that are transmittable to the GTSnet back office system:


                 ·Import Letter of Credit Entry and Amendment

                 ·Discrepancy responses

                 ·Standby Letter of Credit Entry and Amendment

                 ·Steamship / Airway Guarantee Entry and Amendment

                 ·Direct Collection Entry and Amendment

                 ·I-Mail to GTSnet users


And the receipt of:


                  ·Letter of Credit/Collection/BA event records (e.g., Balance and History)

                  ·Output such as Advices, Letters, SWIFT Messages, etc.

                  ·Scanned Images

                  ·Fee information

                  ·Discrepancy notification

                  ·Incoming Collection Payment authorization request

                  ·Export presentation statuses

                  ·Automatic E-mail notification to approvers  

                  ·Automatic E-mail notification of new activity

                  ·I-mail from GTSnet users

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