Cibar is celebrating our 50th year in business. Founded in 1969 by current CEO Loren Shannon, Cibar still values the principles that Loren instilled in building Cibar into a successful company 50 years ago.  Integrity, hard work, and commitment to our customers are the characteristics that Cibar prides itself on daily.


  • October - Cibar is excited to be hosting a User Group Conference in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

  • September - Cibar licensed our twenty first US based client who will be utilizing our GTSnet, ICCnet, and Cash Letter products.

  • August – Cibar is finalizing the SWIFT 2020 Standby and Guarantee Standards Release.

  • February – Cibar has licensed a new regional bank to use GTSnet and ICCnet.

  • January – Cibar enters our 50th year in business. We would like to thank all of our clients during this time period for their partnership.



  • November – Cibar has successfully upgraded our clients to the SWIFT 2018 Standards Release.

  • September – Cibar is attending the BAFT Trade Conference in Chicago.

  • August – Cibar has reached an agreement with a top 10 bank, by asset size, to license our Standby Letters of Credit system.

  • May – Cibar licenses a new client who will be upgrading to our Version 7 of our Standby Letter of Credit system.

  • March – Cibar is excited to announce we have licensed anew client who will be using our GTSnet and ICCnet products.


"We have been utilizing the CIBAR Letter of Credit system and customer bridge since 1995. Throughout the years Cibar has been nothing but helpful, timely and responsive to our needs. They have proved to be a really exceptional vendor and it is always a pleasure dealing with them."

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