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Cibar markets four integrated products which, when used together, provide the most comprehensive Trade Finance system available. Global Trade Services (GTS) and Internet Customer Connection (ICC) provide the bank and its clients with an unsurpassed capability for managing and controlling their trade service business. 

Global Trade Services

Cibar's Global Trade Services (GTS) system was designed to fit the needs of every sized bank. Whether you are a small regional bank or a global trade bank, GTS will work for you. GTS has a structure that incorporates Imports, Exports, Standbys, Guarantees, Bankers' Acceptances, Reimbursements, Cash Letters, Wire Transfers and Participation/Syndication's. GTS provides all the information required by management to maintain a complete and accurate picture of the bank's entire trade operation, and best of all, GTS maintains all this information on-line for instant access. 

Global Trade Services  "Standby Only"

Cibar's offers a Standby Letter of Credit version of our Global Trade Services (GTS) system.  The Standby Only application provides the bank the ability to process Standby Letters of Credit, including auto extension credits, automated evergreen renewals, direct payments, auto increase / decrease schedules, automated fee billing, accrual of the fee income, participation / syndication's, reporting, imaging and much more.


Internet Customer Connection

Internet Customer Connection (ICC) utilizes the World Wide Web to capture applications and deliver data back to the customer in the form of inquiries, history, fees, outstanding reports and copies of any output created on their behalf by the bank. ICC utilizes the latest versions of Internet Browsers to communicate with the bank's Internet Server. It is also capable of interfacing with other third party security systems to provide a safe and efficient certification process to insure your customers' confidentiality.  

Cash Letters

Cibar offers a Cash Letter system that is capable of interfacing to extract files generated by the proof department. The Cash Letter functionality includes the capability to give the customer both immediate or deferred credit and process returned items.

"We just acquired GTS through a merger and during the system evaluation process we made the decision to stay with GTS, which in my opinion was the best decision. The system is very user friendly and the support that we get from everyone in the company is extraordinary. I have never worked with a group of people as dedicated."

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