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Why Cibar


       Cibar has been in business for 53 years and has been in the Trade Finance Industry since 1978.




      Cibar's sole focus is on our Trade Finance applications.




        Our staff understands the language of Trade Finance.  Cibar's average employee tenure is 18+ years.




       Cibar's standard contract provides the bank with a copy of the source code.




       Cibar offers interfaces to multiple OFAC filtering and SWIFT systems bundled as part of GTSnet.


Latest and Greatest:


       Cibar has developed its GTSnet and ICCnet applications using the Microsoft's Visual Studio

       development tools, and Microsoft's SQL database.  These applications incorporate all of our clients great ideas and

       suggestions along with a new User Interface.



              Cibar offers four Trade Finance products:

                                   GTSnet    - Full Back Office Application

                                   GTSnet    - Standby Only Back Office Application

                                   ICCnet     - Internet Customer Connection

                                   CASHnet - Cash Letter Module

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